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Volunteer with Team Simonson!

This special election will be powered by volunteers like you! Whether you live in the city or in another part of Iowa, we could use everyone's help to spread the word about Mike and his campaign. Please let us know what types of volunteering you are interested in, and we'll be in touch about opportunities! Thank you so much for helping us elect Mike Simonson to the Des Moines City Council. Let's do this! 

Tell your friends about Mike.


Sign up to be a Get Out The Vote volunteer and we'll make sure you have everything you need (social media posts, letters to the editor) to tell your friends about Mike's campaign. 

Help with campaign events. 

Des Moines

We will be hosting meet & greets for Mike around the city so he can get to know voters. Do you have time to help us set up events? Reach out and we will set you up to help the team! 

Host a meet & greet! 

Des Moines

We have only a few months to get Mike in front of as many Des Moines voters as we can! Sign up to host a meet & greet with your friend group so Mike can get to know more neighbors. 

I'm Ready to Help!

How can you help?

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