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Election Day is March 19

Early voting starts February 28

Mike Simonson
for Des Moines

Mike is running for the Des Moines City Council At-Large seat as a small business owner, community volunteer, and member of the city's Plan and Zoning Committee. 

"Mike's impact on Des Moines is palpable. As a business leader and philanthropist, he has quietly contributed to dozens of restoration and improvement projects around the city. As a friend and mentor, he generously gives his wisdom and warmth to everyone in his orbit. Des Moines is lucky to have Mike as a powerful community member and we would be even luckier if he was on our City Council."

Whitney Warne, Des Moines Small Business Owner

About Mike


Commitment to Service

Mike enjoys giving back to the community through public service. At the city-wide level, he served on the Des Moines Plan and Zoning Commission for 12 years. He has served on the boards of the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden, the Des Moines Art Museum, and the Hoyt Sherman Place, and is an active member of Downtown Disciples Church. 


Experience that Matters 

Mike is a small business owner, operating Simonson + Associates Architects. His experience running a small business will inform his work as a member of the city council. His firm operates in more than 20 states, bringing together diverse groups who are working to realize common goals. Des Moines is a city full of small business owners whose hard work makes our capitol city a special place in the heart of Iowa. 


Vision to Lead 

Mike's vision for the city includes the following goals:

  • Increase outreach and engagement of historically under-served residents

  • Improve affordable housing options 

  • Focus on neighborhood revitalization 

  • Invest in public safety 

  • Prioritize fiscal responsibility 

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